Thursday, January 10, 2013

Okhtapark for dummies

Today we gonna share a simple guide for you snowboarders and skiers if you wish to have some exiting experience at a snowy peak in Saint Petersburg Russia. Especially for beginners and noobies.

How to get there

If you don't have a car and prefer to use public transport we recommend you to go by subway. And if you depart from Metro Avtova , you need at least 44 minutes to get to Metro Devyatkino. From there you need to take a mashrut  to Okhta Park. A single trip will cost you 45 rubles and takes about 33 minutes depending on traffic and weather. Roughly , the overall trip will take about 1 hour and 17 minutes. Our sincere advice for you is that you depart early right after fajr prayer to ensure you have a maximum excitement time because winter's day is very short.

What to wear

To ensure that you did't get any dizziness and comfortable along the trip please wrap yourself warmly. Long john is a must even if the temperature higher than -10 degree Celsius . If the temperature is below -10 degree you might need extra sweater and jumper inside along with your buble jacket . 3-4 layer should do the trick . As for the gloves , avoid a thin cotton gloves because when it get wet it will not help you from the cold. Don't forget your snowcap before you leave for the trip , the best one is the one that can cover your ears.

What to bring along

Qur'an and Majalah JOM - Because the trip will suck some time from your life. So we think that its wiser to use it with good things rather than just killing your time with mp3 along the way.

Sejadah - There will be no Surau or Mosque there , so you need to bring along Sejadah for Zuhr prayer and Asr prayer.

Food - There is a cafe there serving hot food and drinks. But because it is not Halal certified , so you can only have fish . So , its better for you to bring your own food. It is also more economic. Nasi goreng and sandwiches would be great.

Extra clothes - You will get a little bit wet after the session . To stay comfortable , you might need extra sock , shirt and pant.

Camera and recorder - Make sure you have enough photo and video every time you fall and fail.

Best friends - To add extra special excitement.

What to rent

If you don't have your own boots and board , you need to rent one. It will cost you 900 rubles to rent boots and board for 3 hours. You also need to buy lift's pass unless you want to climb to the peak all by yourself. For 3 hours it'll cost you 700 rubles for adult.

Good luck

When you fall or fail you might need to remember these words :

1. You're never fail until you stop trying.
2. It's always too early to quit.

And if anyone shout at you " Pergh noob do ko" . Take that as a challenge and prove that they were wrong. This video should help you eager up. Well , good luck!

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